A day in the life in Sri Lanka

We’re about to move into the Christmas month, which means that most of us are going to bring out the biggest jackets, shoes and warmest clothing we have in our closets. Escape the cold for a couple of minutes and see what a day in the life in Sri Lanka is all about, going through a couple of close by surf spots, what kind of activities that are around and get a feel for the local vibe in and around the surf camp.
Big thanks to Arveforce for making this awesome edit and showing us the great life that is in Sri Lanka.

Can’t get enough of Sri Lanka? Check out the small edit below that social host Christian Nordby at the surf camp sent us, showing of a mid day surf with camp manager Ine Haugen.

Or check out Silje and Adrien and how they got into surfing.


Surf camp Sri Lanka

Fill your winter with some warm water surf and good times!